Mrs.Suruchi.P ( Recruiter )

Talent hunting has been a very huge task for people like us from recruitment industry, but when I came across candidates from elevate I found them sharp and fast and interviewing them was a plesent experience. They came accross so informed and confident, that I new within first few seconds I could hire them.One of the key features of elevate was, where a candidate should see senior proffesional talk about their industry which has been proved extremely insightful for them. I think ElevateScape portal has done a phenomenal job in preparing current generation for the future.

Mr.Shulabh Jain ( Student )

Elevate has help me to explore the world of possibilities even before I began applying for a jobs ,this platform help me to learn and revolved my self with market intelligent about the industry and various other things. Today i am more confidence aware about of various industries and current affairs I would really appreciate elevate Process for they have put substantial data together very systematically I mean why not give company better reason to hire me

Mr.Suraj Koyal ( Recruiter )

I think the team at elevateescape, has done a very fabulous job of putting the entire concept together. This is exactly what is required in today's span for aspiring working professionals, to prepare for an interview. What I personally like about the entire concept is that it gives different features on the protal and a 360 degree holistic approach for an interviewer, to be prepared. They have also speculated different types of learners, their way and speed of learning etc. So I think as a recruiter, it makes my job really easy to pick a candidate who comes prepared from this platform.

Mrs.Sejal Vageria ( Student )

I was a bright student in college but couldn't excel as a topper. My parents were worried about my future and I use to wonder, what will I do. Then somebody introduced me to elevate. I went through the entire course. It was very thorough and systematic and it facilitated me. ElevateScape is one immensed platform, where you will get all the data and information under one roof about various companies. It helped me in learning to a great extent and also enhanced my knowledge about the corporate industry. Through elevate I was prepared much more, than that I could have been through myself.